The Right Design for Living!: A List of Great Advantages for Building Beautiful Planned City States! free ebook

MR Mark Revolutionary Twain Jr: The Right Design for Living!: A List of Great Advantages for Building Beautiful Planned City States!

The Right Design for Living!: A List of Great Advantages for Building Beautiful Planned City States!

Author: MR Mark Revolutionary Twain Jr
Number of Pages: 116 pages
Published Date: 26 Jul 2014
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781500660550
Download Link: Click Here


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Perhaps you are wondering why this book costs so much? Well, that is because it contains Important Information, which is worth hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars! Yes, that might be difficult to Believe with a capital B; but, it is True with a capital T. Moreover, you can read Excerpts from the book on www.Amazon.com.usa for free, just to stimulate your appetite for it, if you doubt its Great Value. Just Think - if you were dying from a very serious disease, and you went to a Doctor Knife for a remedy, and he charged you 100 dollars for a 5-minute conference at his office, and his good advise saved your Life, you would most certainly not object to paying him, would you? Likewise, the Good Advice within this Inspired Book is worth hundreds of Trillions of Dollars to the people of the World, and it is most definitely designed to be applied Worldwide. After all, do you know of anyone who Lives a Healthy Happy Life in any filthy polluted criminal-infested City of Confusion, who does not live in fear, who is moderately rich, who actually practices his or her Beliefs, who is not just another Hypocrite? How many people actually want to pollute their air with the exhaust from stinking cars? How many want to eat foods that have been grown with harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and unknown poisons that come down in the rainwater? How many people like to suffer with school shootings, terrorist attacks, gangs gone astray, and all of the evils of those Cities of Criminals? How many like to be unemployed, in debt, or even homeless? "The Right Design for Living" presents a brand new Idea that few people have ever heard of, let alone meditated on. The Old Design for cities has now become Obsolete, even as this special book will prove to whomever still has a Riit Miind, who can Think with a capital T. Indeed, our Selected King, is a proverbial Founding Father of "The United States of the Whole World!" Perhaps you fear "The New RIGHTEOUS One-World Government!"? However, there are X-amount of Massive Problems in this World of Wonders, which cannot be Fixed without it - such as the problems with Illegal Immigrations from wherever. There is a great imbalance between the rich people and the poor people, worldwide. There is simply no Justice for the masses of people with a capital J. Perhaps you are one of those abused Slaves who cannot afford a copy of this unique book? However, an entire church or organization could afford it by United Effort with small contributions, which they could all study together, and even make legal copies of it for sale, if they actually wanted to escape from their Slavery; but, we suggest to you that they love their poverty: because it provides something for them to complain about, while politicians provide someone to Blame for whatever is WRong - and almost everything is "Rong" in one way or another, including the ridiculous ways that we spell our words. For example, there are more than 20 different ways to spell the single sound of "oo" in school, rule, do, through, shoe, crew, fruit, maneuver, blue, ghoul, rendezvous, two, lieu, pooh, who, etc. Why not use "Q" for "oo"? Thus: skql, rql, dq, thrq, shq, krq, frqt, munqver, blq, gql, rondaavq, 2, lq, hq and pq! Would that not simplify "ejukaashun"? Now, if you have suffered long enough, it is Time to make some Changes in your own Thinking - that is, if you still have anything to Think with, after being so Tormented by "The Public School of IGNERUNT FQLZ!" Yes, now is the Time to take Action for a Real and Bloodless REVOLUTION: because it is now possible and most practical, even if the Lady Doubtfulness does not Believe it with a capital B. Indeed, you and I must Believe it and make it Happen with a capital H, before we all go all of the way to the Lowest Hell, together! Therefore, be Bold, be Brave, put on your Spiritual Armor, and let us go to War with "The Swanky Sword of Divine Truths!"

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